LC Racing - Bremssysteme
Part # Model From To Disc Size and Type
111.6015A G20 1999 > 328x28 2-Piece
€ 2.595,--
1A1.6002A I30 1995 1999 328x28 2-Piece
€ 2.595,--
111.6023A I30, I35 2000 > 328x28 2-Piece
€ 2.595,--
1B1.7013A G35 Sedan, G35 Coupe 2003 > 332x32 2-Piece
€ 2.995,--
1B1.8032A G35 Sedan, G35 Coupe 2003 > 355x32 2-Piece
€ 3.295,--
1B1.8017A Q45 2002 > 355x32 2-Piece
€ 3.295,--
Note Legend
1 Requires minor modification to the OEM steering knuckle
2 Requires minor modification to the OEM steering knuckle and use of custom hubs which are included in kit
3 1995 E36 M3 models require minor modification to the lower control arm outboard of the ball joint
4 This system consists only of 2-piece disc assemblies which directly replace th OEM discs
5 Requires significant modification to the OEM knuckle
6 This system eliminates the parking brake function
General Notes
  Systems are front only and feature 4-piston calipers unless otherwise noted
  Many of the GT systems require modification to, or removal of the OEM dust shield or backing plate
  Unless otherwise specified, all systems available either drilled or slotted. The 3rd digit in the part number denotes disc type. 1=drilled 2=slotted
  Add 1, 2, or 3 to end of part number for caliper color. 1=black, 2=red, 3=silver

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